Christmas time is here!

Ok, so if you noticed the date of this posting, you’ll see that Christmas is not only here, but it is the day after. I really don’t know what happened to November and December. They both seemed to just fly by. I had an idea for a Thanksgiving post, but the later it got, I just figured, why bother?

So here it is the day after Christmas and I’m trying to get something posted. This year we really had three different Christmas events, so I will tackle them one at a time.

Breakfast with Santa

santaThis year we went to “Breakfast with St. NICUlas”. This was a charity event benefiting the NICU at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. Steve was one of the photographers, so we got to tag along. It was held at the Fort Worth Club and was really nice.

Nathan was very excited about seeing Santa, so when we walked in the door and he hid behind me, I was a little surprised. But after eating a pancake and warming up a little, he was fine.

We waited in a line that thankfully wasn’t very long, due to the fact that it was a private party, and shared with Santa what he wanted to Christmas…Mario Kart for the Wii, Outdoor Challenge for the Wii, and Deca Sports, or course for the Wii.santa2

At the party they also had limbo and cookie decorating. Check out the Christmas Image Gallery for more pictures.

Christmas at the Colwill’s

The Colwill Christmas tradition is to celebrate together as a family on Christmas Eve. This works out perfectly since we spend Christmas day with my side of the family.

At the Colwill’s, the kids play games, ride four-wheelers, jump on the trampoline, and take part in many other activities while waiting for it to get dark. Once it gets dark, the festivities begin.

A couple of years ago, we decided to start doing a Gift Exchange with the adults. Everybody buys for the kids, and the adults do the gift exchange. We have a good time.

Even though the gift exchange is technically for the adults, Steve and I have always let Nathan help us. This year seemed to be the year to steal from Jesse. Out of the first 5 presents, Jesse opened 4 of them. Everyone just seemed to like what he opened. So when it came to be my turn, I was #7, I told Nathan to go steal Jesse’s present. The look on Nathan’s face was priceless.


After the festivities, we said our good-byes, and made our way to Donna’s house so that we could be there bright and early for Christmas morning.

Christmas Day

For the last 16 years, possibly more, we have spent Christmas at my older sister’s house. She was the first one married with kids, so Christmas moved to her house. As mentioned above, Steve and I drive from his parent’s house to my sister’s house on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, this is only an hour drive. My dad and my brother only live about 10 minutes away, so they and their families both wake up early and come on over. Santa has always delivered everything for all the kiddos at Aunt Donna’s house. With 8 adults and 6 kids, ranging in ages from 2 – 16, it has become quite a scene.

Everyone shows/wakes up at about 7 – 7:30 ‘ish. First, we check out what Santa brought, then the stockings, then the presents. While it sounds like a lot, it is usually over very quickly. It’s just amazing.

The rest of the day is spent eating, playing, visiting and napping. It is kind of a controled chaos. This year seemed to be the year of the video game, so the kids spent a lot of time trying out the new games. It is nice to see the patience that rachelthe older ones have with the younger ones.

All in all, it’s a good time. Even though we see my family several times a year, we don’t often have time to just hang out. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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